KDC Media Fund is a VC that focuses on growing the best israeli technology in the different fields of media


Founded by

Dick clark productions (dcp) is the world’s largest producer and proprietor of televised live event entertainment programming with the “Golden Globe Awards”, “PEOPLE Magazine Awards.” etc.

Keshet, the leading broadcaster in Israel and the creator of some of the biggest TV hit shows such as “Homeland”, “Rising Star” and more

Founded by Keshet — the leading broadcaster in Israel, and Dick Clark Productions the world’s largest producer and proprietor of televised live event entertainment programming.

We invest in different fields of media

Video Technologies

  • Service Delivery Platform
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Augmented Reality
  • Video Apps
  • 360°
  • Streaming
  • Automation
  • Cloud Transcoding


  • AR Games
  • Casual Games
  • Recommendations
  • Content Curation
  • Social Enhancements
  • Content Enrichment
  • VR Games

Data & Analytics

  • Benchmark Tools
  • Business Intelligence
  • Social Media Mgmt
  • Strategy & Analytics
  • Trend Discovery
  • Engagement


  • Optimization
  • Ad-Fraud
  • Programmatic
  • Advertising
  • Targeting Tools
  • In-App Advertising


  • Affiliation Tools
  • Pricing Engines
  • Cross Border Shopping
  • Price Comparison
  • Conversion Tools
  • Commerce Platforms


Syte revolutionizes the way users are engaged with fashion publications by enabling them to buy the exact or similar items to the ones they view in the magazine by utilizing a ground-breaking image processing technology.


Uponit is the most sophisticated ad recovery platform today. Using cyber technologies, we help online publishers measure and restore their blocked ad inventory and communicate with their adblocking audience.


2Sens is developing the technology that will power next generation of VR cameras. Focusing on lifelike, high quality, live and comfort VR that anyone can afford and operates in just a click of a button.


Uncover your competition’s marketing strategy and get the better of them. Marketing intelligence has never been this fast, comprehensive and insightful.



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Danny Peled

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